‘Zoom in Barcelona Tours series' photo e-books have been designed to move the readers with their touching visual stories. Their aim is not to provide technical information for photographers, but rather to share the feelings that inspire us to take the right daily actions that can one day change the world. Wrapped in a little game of light, textures, and shapes, one can expect pages full of soul, humanity, honesty, and provoking thoughts - an elixir of inspiration.


‘’It’s not about the look, it’s about the feeling. It’s not about the moment, it’s about the story hidden within.’’



Arturo Romero H.

‘the HOUSEKEEPER' is about raising awareness and highlighting the importance and hidden struggles of the   ́ invisible  ́ professions and those who are often unseen. A photojournalistic story, an intimate look through Arturo’s lens capturing the hard work of Tina who works in a hotel in the heart of Barcelona. 



Mirka Mender

'LIFE' is a reminder of how simple things matter. This photo project, created during the lockdown of the 2020 pandemic, captures the contrast, an inner fight between our mind and the reality we live. Accompanied by Mirka's original quotes.

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