•  Do you do only photoshoot tours or also regular photoshoots?

We do both. You may choose from our photoshoot tour packages or you may book a photoshoot with us anywhere in or near Barcelona.

•  Are there going to be more people photographed at the photoshoot I book with you?

No, there are not. We understand the individuality of all our clients and we are unique in a fact that we only provide private photoshoot tours.

•  Where is the meeting point and where do you end your photoshoot tours?

Our meeting and ending points vary depending on the tour, but they are always clearly described and graphically detailed in your confirmation email. In case of an ending point, you also get detailed information about how to get back to the meeting point of the tour.

•  What time do you do your photoshoot tours?

At the moment we only do the photoshoot tours in the afternoon at 3:30 pm, but we are happy to adjust it to your needs as long as it fits our schedule and allows for suitable light conditions.

•  What is your cancellation policy?

CHANGES: If you wish to amend your date or the time of the photoshoot tour, you need to let us know at least 15 days prior to the date.


CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel your photoshoot tour or your photoshoot at least 15 days prior, we will refund your money in full. If you cancel your photoshoot tour or your photoshoot 14 to 3 days prior, we will only be able to refund 50% of the money you paid. If you cancel your photoshoot tour or your photoshoot 48 hours or less prior or in case of a no-show, no refund will be possible.


WEATHER: In case of heavy rain, we will cancel your photoshoot tour or your photoshoot and refund your money in full or offer to reschedule at no additional cost. In case of light rain or cloudy day, we do not cancel your photoshoot tour or your photoshoot. In fact, cloudy days offer a great opportunity for some unique shots we would otherwise not get!

•  What should I bring to my photoshoot tour?

Bring small items you wish to use for the photoshoot, f. ex.  sunglasses, scarf, jacket, hat, or anything else you think you look good at. It is advised not to bring large amounts of money, personal documents, bags or rucksacks due to pickpockets.

•  What should I wear / what should I avoid wearing to your photoshoot?

Here in Zoom in Barcelona Tours we pride ourselves with paying close attention to our clients’ needs and therefore you will be sent our PHOTOSHOOT ATTIRE GUIDE which outlines our recommendations and helpful tips and tricks for you to wear according to your style, look, body type, etc. Bear in mind that you will not have the possibility to change anywhere during your photoshoot tour - so unless you want to change a jacket or a small item, do not bring any more outfits.

•  How many images are included?

This depends on the package booked and is clearly detailed on our website as well as in your confirmation email. You will be able to choose your favourite images from all edited pictures, and thanks to our online platform, you will also have the possibility to purchase extra images besides the number included in your package.   

•  How will the pictures be delivered to me and how long will it take?

Your images will be delivered via an online platform in 48 hours to 7 working days depending on how busy we are at the time.

•  Will I be able to get my images sooner than that?

You have the option to purchase our EXPRESS SERVICE which guarantees the delivery of your images within 24 hours.

•  Will the final images be edited?

Yes, you will only receive edited pictures to choose from. The picture editing includes correction of lighting/exposure and colour balance, cropping the image if necessary, and some pictures are shot to be converted to black and white images. Please bear in mind that we do not do extensive retouching or change the way our clients look, f. ex. hair, face, body corrections, etc

•  Will I be able to print my pictures?

Yes, you will receive high-resolution images that can be printed in your local photo store.

•  How can I book with you?

You may book via email, telephone, or our social media and soon you will be able to book online directly through our website. We require a full payment upfront. By booking and paying your fee you agree and accept our terms and conditions and understand our cancellation policy (both which you will be sent before you pay). Your photoshoot tour or a photoshoot is not confirmed until we receive full payment from you and you receive a written confirmation from us.

•  What else should I know / what else do you recommend prior to my photoshoot tour?

We strongly recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance and protect yourself during your trip to avoid any expenses including medical expenses, theft, injury or cancellations. 

P​lease arrive on time. Failing to arrive in 20 minutes after the start of the tour without reaching to us will be considered and treated as a no-show.

Be extra careful with your belongings during the tour due to pickpockets, we strongly recommend not to bring any bags, rucksacks, large handbags etc or leave any items during the photoshoot tour unattended f. ex. on the floor

Do not panic if you have never posed for pictures before. We are professionals and we will help you not only to get fantastic images, but also to have a beautiful and fun experience! Contact us!