'' Arturo is Mexican, Mirka comes from Slovakia. They met in Germany, communicate in English, and live their dream in Barcelona '' - that pretty much sums up our adventurous relationship. We both love traveling and have been guiding in Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands and we love learning about different cultures. We are both passionate photographers and we have decided to blend our passions turning them into a profession in a place where you indeed find the mixture of it all - and a city close to our hearts. Step into the exciting world and discover the famous and hidden wonders of Barcelona with us - in ZOOM IN BARCELONA TOURS!


She said about him:

'' Arturo is a gem - he has a big heart and always unselfishly helps others. He is a proud Mexican and loves his family and I admire his enthusiasm for trying to experience all that is possible to do in this life from visiting different countries through eating weird things to making friends with people from all walks of life. I love that he is so openminded - you may talk to him about life and things very openly. He loves traveling, and actually, and I am not kidding, there is a good chance that wherever you are heading next - he can recommend a place to visit as he has been there before (haha) - try it out the next time you book your photoshoot with us! ''


•  Arturo studied Journalism, Communications, and Photography.

•  He has visited over 170 cities in more than 60 countries around the globe.

•  He overcame his extreme fear of scorpions by eating one! 

•  He had dined with the Dalai Lama!


If you would like to know more about Arturo and his work, check out his website www.arturoromerohphotography.com.

Barcelona Photographer Sagrada Familia Gaudí, Sangria, Tapas, Barcelona Photoshoot
Barcelona Photographer Sagrada Familia Gaudí, Sangria, Tapas, Barcelona Photoshoot

He said about her:

'' Mirka is a kind person who loves to support those in need and hates seeing injustice in the world and stands up to it. She enjoys talking about life and its mysterious sides (especially with an evening glass of Rioja, haha). She is an artistic soul and I like her creativity. She is passionate about interior design and decor, she likes good books - she always has some good ones to recommend. She loves traveling so much that she quit her dream job of an event coordinator to travel across Europe (to meet me - haha). ''


•  Mirka studied Wedding Planning, Photography, and Events at Cambridge.

•  She loves music and can play the guitar, the flute, and the keyboard.

•  In 2013 working as a Business Development Manager, she was part of the team that gained their Michelin star only four months after the opening.

•  She is also into writing and is finalizing her ''secret project'' linked to Arturo's photography, which will be followed by an exhibition here in Barcelona so keep an eye on us!



  • Arturo’s photography selected to be a part of an exciting cultural project of Barcelona 101 ‘’A city to frame’’ followed by an exhibition and featuring in the photo book



  • Our photography displayed in ‘’Ravnikar Gallery Space’’ in Ljubljana, Slovenia and ‘’Berlin Blue Art Gallery’’ in Berlin, Germany



  • Our photography displayed in the exhibitions in ‘’Blank Wall Photography Gallery’’ in Athens, Greece



  • Our photography displayed in the Valid World Hall in Barcelona

  • Our three photo e-books  THE HOUSEKEEPER, LIFE, and THE KIDS OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA published

  • Our photography published on shoutoutla.com in Los Angeles

  • Our handmade backdrops launched to create awareness about environmental problems we are facing



We understand that tourism has a large impact on our environment. We want to help our planet to rebuild and recover from its devastation by reducing our carbon footprint so we have decided to become a part of the TREE NATION and we started to plant trees monthly. Join us in the movement and have a peek at The forest of Zoom in Barcelona Tours.